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英語 de YOGA  --English friendly yoga with Yukiko--
◉My mission is to Make Yoga accessible for everyone and spread the vast benefits of a Yogic Lifestyle can have on one’s whole life and well-being. I don’t see Yoga as a work-out, but as the often quoted “work-in”. It is important for me to integrate the mind and the soul in the practice. 
I'm focusing on pose adjustment at every level.
Overall my mission is to inspire, help people to live a happier life and feel more content within themselves.
◉My teaching experience
Total 10 years in Japan and on  Phu Quoc Vietnam. International diploma at Mathatitu Ashram in Kerala India
Started offering private online class in 2020
◉Yoga styles
I focus on teaching based on Anusara, Ashtanga and mindfulness method yoga
◉Teaching Languages
fluently in Japanese
and English
Instagram : @hathayoga_by_yukiko 
2009 茨城県つくばホットヨガインストラクターをになる
2013 水戸を中心に活動を開始。
そして海外に住み始めた2016オーストラリア、ベトナム、ニュージーランド 、インド。リゾートホテルでのヨガ指導
2020  帰国、つくば市で活動をで活動をオンラインで開始。
-全米ヨガアライアンスRYT200 Mathatitu Ashram India 
-Shanti Purna アドバンスTT修了
-Shanti Purna マタニティヨガTT修了
-Shanti Purna ヨガセラピーTT修了
-タイ古式セラピストBroadbeach Thai 認定
Instagram : @hathayoga_by_yukiko